Terms and Conditions

You must disclose any behavioural or health issues which may make your dog unsuitable for walking, including anti social behaviour, excessive barking, destruction or aggression, failure to disclose this can result in termination of contract.

Proof of vaccination and details of any medication required must be provided.

SDW will only accept a single dog at a time for Daycare.

SDW will not accept bitches in season into Daycare under any circumstances.

SDW will carry out a free trial familiarisation period with prospective Daycare dogs to ensure they are socialised with my dogs. SDW reserve the right to refuse any dog(s) that may cause harm or show aggression to my dogs.

Any damage caused while in Daycare will be billed directly to the dog owner.

SDW will not accept dogs listed on the Dangerous Dogs Act

Dogs new to Daycare may experience a higher level of mental and physical stimulation than they are used to, therefore they may come home extremely tired (but happy!). It is important for me to gauge the right level suitable for your dog therefore it is important I gain feedback from you.

All clients and their dogs personal details are held in a secure place, no information will be given to any third party other than vet if necessary. Keys are kept in a secure lockable box.

Your dog will be walked on lead until both parties are mutually in agreement to allow their dog off the lead, in which case you will be asked to resign your contract.

For dog walking, bitches in season will be walked on the lead.

Prices are for services within the boundary of Stirling and while I am happy to provide all these services further afield this may incur a small surcharge to cover diesel.